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Who We Are

Since 1994, Susan Dorsey and the team at Somerville Advertising have been helping Long Island businesses build business. The Long Island Market is unique and we are the experts in bringing customers to your door.

Services We Offer

TV, Radio, Billboards, Digital 
Where should you be?

Media Buying

You know your business. Somerville Advertising finds the best way to let others know your business. There are so many advertising choices in the New York and Long Island market. Somerville Advertising chooses effective and efficient methods to get your message to your customer. No two businesses are exactly alike, and no two media campaigns are exactly alike either. Our campaigns are customized to your business and your budget.

Putting It all Together


Television Commercials, Radio Ads, Videos for your Website and Social Media, Somerville Advertising offers production services for all size budgets. If you have a small business and think Television Production is not within your reach, you may be surprised to learn how affordable it can be. From writing scripts, to casting actors, to editing the final project to broadcast standards, Somerville Advertising offers complete Audio & HD Video Production services.

We’ll Take Care of That

Promotional Events

Do you want to create an event or add excitement to an existing event? Somerville Advertising will produce and promote an event at your business. Celebrity Meet & Greets, Licensed Character Appearances, Children's Shows, Comedy Nights, Radio Station Appearances & More!

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